We saw the English girls get knocked out

A huge thank-you to Richard and Sarah for taking us to The Beach Volleyball last night – it was amazing .A really special night . For me , it was probably; the best thing to go to , as I am so unsporty ,and apart from the volleyball ( crucial ) it was like a carnival – food , drink, music,dancing ( we even got up and did the Macarena ) ,Mexican Waves aplenty , cheering , DJ’s, cool moves ( not me ) etc etc .The atmosphere was wonderful .

London is buzzing at the moment , it is fantastic . I believe it can do nothing but good for this wonderful city . But as always in every crowd , for me there is something missing …..but I’m digging deep to keep upbeat about it all .

But today I got out of the city ,met Theresa, Elodie and Amelia and went across the most beautiful countryside ( although didn’t spot anyone dancing round the maypole ) on the Kent and East Sussex Steam Railway .Sensory overload– the coal , the steam , the smells, the fat controller , the olde worlde stations…and at the end the beauty that is -Bodium castle- stunning.

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  1. I was a bit shocked at the womens skimpy outfits/erotic dance routines when the men were all covered up?! Doesnt seem fair!

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