we started off at Burnham on Crouch

I’ve been off exploring today , around The Dengie peninsula- shame on all you Londoners ( esp.Paula) if you don’t know where I’m talking about.It was fab. A sort of a ‘yet to be discovered , could be up and coming, loads of sky , not many people, Whitstable’. It has the bonus of only being an hour away on the train , starting off from my fave London Station , home of Thorntons,M&S and a Pasty Shop – Liverpool Street .I manage to do more shopping there in 23 minutes ( and squeeze in a 30p visit to the loo ) and buy a cappuccino , which Mandy won’t let me take a sip of til the train is moving, than I do in a whole month in Ealing.I loved the River Crouch ( no relation to Peter ) walk.Pity it p****d it down and I got so cold I ‘ve had to come home and have a hot bath and a hot toddy.

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