we went out last night

Couldn’t find my gold hotpants ( John borrowed them again ? ), so couldn’t honour my promise as coming as Jessindeedy for our in-a friend’s-house night of Musical Bingo .

There were four rounds …Songs from the Musicals, Glastonbury Headliners, Places and We are Sixty going on Seventy ( mine ) ..We had food ,drink , did a course each ,a round each – following Jess’s rules – third prize for a row of three, second prize for two rows and first prize for a full house .We had song-sheets for the ballads and by song three ,the seven of us were up dancing .Two people had bought the same prize- fake moustaches , so we all had those on ( creepy ) and the men couldn’t decide on who would take their second prize of round two , facepack ,home .It was bloody brilliant .

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