Lorna – you should know ,Grandma’s a gin or brandy gal, I’m the rum one. is there a pud she could make out of KFC ?

This morning on route to the seaside, I was in tube, in an incident resembling a scene from ‘The Taking of Pelham 123 ‘meets ‘In the Heat of the Night”. In the tunnel just outside Hammersmith station , the signals failed and in a PACKED train ,we were stuck for hours *. we all started to strip off , some-one got their baby oil out ( i made that bit up ) and people were getting very fainty. Eventually, the driver nudged the train forward ,so his cab was just on the platform , and we had to file out the whole length of the train to get out of his cab, one at a time. So, I got my digi cam out for a photo of me and him- after all I’ve never been at the helm of a train before.

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