We’re home

John and I have just got back from an amazing time in Marrakech ( more about that later ) , but in avoiding the washing,sorting, shopping etc I have watched this


Sally ,it makes us carrying Jane into the sea in Corfu,look like falling off a log . I can imagine her language if we showed her this .

It has made me cry ( in a happy way ) all morning ,I keep going back to it .

2 Replies to “We’re home”

  1. Love it! so very cool to see the joy on her face.

    Jane ‘s language was not too flash when we put her in a glass bottom helicopter and took her across a volcanic lake so I can just imagine what she’s have to say about being duct taped to one of us to go surfing – and I’m grinning ear to ear just thinking about it.

    She may have relented if she was taped to a super hot surfie dude, of course.

  2. Absolutely ,and he was great – the fact he used duct tape and nothing techy was a gem
    Knocked all those health and safety peeps into oblivion !

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