We’re lost

Lets hear it for Uncle Andrew , he’s 50 today 1 we have done what all close families do , sent him ….nothing, not even a Lorna card, I’m so so sorry , I promise you Andrew , the next time you come down to redecorate the rest of our house , a cool can of ‘Double Diamond ‘ – it works wonders ( anyone under the age of 30 , will think what the hell is she on about now ).

Yes , your detective work is paying off – I am NOT at Grandmama’s today . her lovely 3rd eldest Grandchild, Victoria, has gone to see her today , along with her friend , Corena. they should have a ball , Victoria does beauty, Corena does sign language ( Danish , but I’m sure there are some words the same – tuborg / schnapz/ havarti cheese etc.) and they have taken an M&S picnic lunch – pity its freezing. Plus they sewed the name tags in Grandmamas new trendy denim ensemble , we gave her for her 88th . How many of your Mums/Grandmas are sporting pale blue jeans and a Breton T Shirt? Ooh la la.

Thank God Sir Alan’s booted Philip off. i love the big guy that always has ‘quote of the week’. whats his name ?

Just been interupted by a phone call from Victoria – they’d got off at the wrong station – hope grandmamas not too hungry !

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  1. Oh no, what will they do, there are no landmarks like Topshop or Selfridges for them to navigate by……will they ever reach Brigstock Manor?!

  2. Please put me out of my suspence!…..What’s happening at Brigstock Manor?……Did the girls get there before dark fell?……Is Grandma Joan still forced to drink coffee downstairs?…..Why was the lift ‘broken’?…..Who was the Colonel in the Library?….Was he wearing trendy denim?……Who last saw the Cook?……Why hasn’t anyone called for Tintin?……and Snowy………..Please send custard creams…….

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