We’ve phoned and paid up

Last night I put all my newly acquired ( Dutch) dance moves into practice ..and I think all the other party animals ( half our age ) were suitably impressed . For a time they even cleared the dance floor ( for all the wrong reasons ) ,before plying us with shots and then sharing their 4 bottles of 29th birthday celebration champagne with us .We did point out we were the same age as their mothers , but they couldn’t give a dam as we’d bonded over 4 rounds of fantastic Musical bingo . While we scratched our heads and racked our brains as to the title of the song , they just help up their i-phones and the answer popped up on the screen ( I call that cheating ) .Yes it was another night of the fantastic Jessindeedy’s Musical Bingo at ‘Drink,Shop,Do ‘, and apart from the shopping we did what it said on the box- drank and did.We didn’t win any of the bingo games BUT ,we came first in ‘The Decorate a Dauber’ competition .We transformed our dauber into Dame Edna Everage,complete with gladioli .Our prize – four more tickets to Musical bingo .

After the group singing ,the lick,swallow and sucking , the dancing , the exchange of mobile phone numbers ,four rounds of singing Happy Birthday , we rushed off into the night to catch the last tube from Kings Cross , only to have missed it .In the cab home ,we realised none of us had paid our bar-bill .I’ve never done a runner before !

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