What a great little community we live in

Along with half of Hanwell, I had the great privilege of seeing The Missing People Choir sing Birdy’s ‘Wings’ at St Melitus Church this evening .

It once one of the most moving performances I have ever seen . The song was introduced by Ros Hodgkiss, the mother of Alice Goss ,who went missing in Hanwell five years ago .

The Missing People Choir is made up of people with missing loved ones, alongside staff and supporters of the charity Missing People .

Two years ago they got to the final s of Britain’s Got Talent . As they sung ,appeals for their missing loved ones ran on screen behind them. It was quite something .Tonight they told us that this prompted some of their loved ones to contact them.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church .

I know I’m always plugging things , but it’s only because these people are special and have suffered and continue to suffer and when things get into my gash , I want to shout out their cause/plight/pain . Don’t know why , guess I feel a little bit of solidarity in hope.

Anyway , if you have 3 minutes ……….

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