What a six pack

It’s just like waiting for a bus …none arrive ,then you see 3 at once ( or In Florence’s case 4 as she saw ‘The Hunter’ too ). After a chilled-out soupy kitchen, last night we went to see ‘ Magic Mike’ and liked it , didn’t love it , but thought it was good . I think I first fell in love with Mathew McConaughey when I saw him in ‘ A Time to Kill ‘ …. now that was a brilliant film . But he was unrecognisable in this – a sleazy ,oiled stripper .I thought he played the part fantastically .

Then today it’s back to work …we don’t break up til Thursday .I think we are the last school standing .

3 Replies to “What a six pack”

  1. I really liked the film , but couldn’t understand why all the outside shots looked a bit faded and milky .Do I need my eyes tested ?
    The choreography and music was great

  2. I did like it but thought the ending wasnt very good. lol mathew mcconaughey made me feel a bit sick tbh. apparently the main guy(magic mike) actually used to be a stripper so alot was based on his experiences

  3. Yes ,that’s why i thought MM’s acting was so good , cos he did make you feel a bit awkward and not in a good way .i loved the bit where he explained to Adam ,how to move like a stripper.Two girls at work saw it ( on the opening night-they were v keen ) and said Channing Tatum was an ex male stripper – the way he moved was amazing , all that body popping stuff ( a bit like your mum and I used to do at Sam’s keep fit class ??)
    Yes,to the colours – why did they have them like that – it was only when they were outside .There’s never an experimental film-maker around when you want one .But I think he might be home this weekend.

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