What football ?

I’m guessing all of you who read this have something missing in your lives. Well now I can fill that gap for you – what you don’t realise , but I’m about to enlighten you , is that you need a PENPAL. …and I have just the person for you . They don’t tweet ,twitter facebook, google their own name , access dodgy Internet stuff, or come to that ,will even reply. Yes its Grandma. She’s moving on Monday ,and would love to hear from anyone – esp YOU.. If you don’t know what to write about, here are a few her points of interest- St Mary’s Hospital,scallops, Pop-In, Sex in the City ( that’s what she calls the phone in problem prog on LBC on Fri night ),David Jacobs, St Stephens Tavern – the pub on Parliament Square where she was working when she met Grandpa, Essex, her recipe for chicken curry- the list goes on .

So make her day and drop her a line in her new ponderosa

Joan Brown

Room 46,

Addington Heights,

1,Milne park west ,

New Addington,


Plus Juju you are so right . I guess living in France , all that ‘tour de France ‘ stuff has rubbed off on you.

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