‘What’s the point of it ?’

I was going to write this yesterday ,but read what Bob Geldolf said ,and that seemed far more important .My heart bleeds for that family .

So back to Monday and I’m so glad I could answer ‘No’ to all the following questions:-

Are you allergic to latex or rubber?

Are you claustrophobic?

Are you asthmatic ?

Do you suffer with eczema ,psoriasis or a skin complaint?

Once all answers confirmed ,I was adorned with an orange fluorescent wrist-band then a man opened a door and pushed me ( and my friend who was worried her glasses would steam up and so held my hand very tightly ) into the abyss….This was my Mothering Sunday gift from Jacob and Florence and you’d be wrong in thinking it was entrance to an exclusive S&M club. It was in fact in one of the rooms at Martin Creed’s exhibition at The Hayward Gallery ..and the abyss was in fact a space filled floor to wall to ceiling with white balloons. I loved it ! It was beautiful, like being in a white cave with moveable walls you could manipulate and push and kick and bounce .It was weird , and reminded me a bit of Anthony Gormley’s ‘Blind Light’. We spent ages in there , as did the Japanese lady who lost her passport and airline tickets …we tried to help ,but couldn’t see our feet ,let alone the floor ! We then looked at other stuff and once we’d seen men’s genitals doing what they do best , a lady crouching down and having a poo and 2 people chucking up- we decided it was time for lunch !

Later the same day …I went to see ‘Under the Skin’ .I loved the book and loathed the film .It was all arty ,mystical and boring whereas the book has a great story which make me think and question – it was gripping. The only good thing about the film was that it was filmed on the streets of Glasgow ,so kept awake by looking for Florence .

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