When I was about 16 , my friends bought me ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ , I loathed it and would much rather have had ‘The Partridge family Album’.

Claire and Bobby took us to see a lovely little show last night -‘Woody Sez’- all about the life and music of Woody Guthrie ( anyone under 50 , ask your parents or click that google button ). It was fab. The music was happy tho he had a dam sad life – all his relatives seemed to die in fires. Of course ,now, a theatre visit is not complete without a ‘star-spot’, and last night it was the turn of Dave Gilmour ( ….as above ..parents/google), to be given the Dwyer nudge/gawp/stare and general wonderment treatment . We even went one step further with this one and had him sitting next to John ( whose whistling of ‘We don’t need no education ‘throughout the performance , did nothing to enhance Woody’s vocals ).

We are off to see Nanny today , who sadly , is not very well.

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