Where are you all on hols ?

We’re home from La Croix Valmer, safe well , glowing , and in John’s ,case toned and fit. he hired a bike for a couple of days , and in preparation for ‘Cycle Kenya for Rosie’ , went steaming up the mountains for 8 hours at a time. I did the dutiful wife bit – out for coffee, lounged by the pool and gawped at everyone through my extra dark Primani shades.Then when Neal and him did super long hilly runs, Dec and I made Mojitos and cracked open the chilled ,local ,vin blanc- all so tiring in 28 degree sunshine .

Last Friday , the 4 of us did an amazing cliff top walk to a secluded beach , only reached by foot . It is the beach that Chitty Chitty bang band lands off after flying off a cliff in Sussex. There weren’t many people on the beach , but funnily enough – they had ALL forgotten to pack their swimming costumes. I think the French have a problem with memory loss , as when , a couple of days later ,we walked to a different secluded beach , over the cliffs from Gigaro, those people had forgotten theirs too ( but they obviously didn’t have a problem finding their razors ).

As for the meals out – fandabbydozy. We went to a beautiful restaurant ‘The Farm’ – set prix ( no reference to the beach ) and no choice. Four amazing courses, as much vino as you want , in the most beautiful rustic,French chic ( Think A year in Provence meets The Petersham Nurseries ), surroundings. Then another night we went to a fabulous fish restaurant right on the beach, with waves breaking about 4 yards from our feet.

We felt very safe and looked after .

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