Where did the week go ?

Claire – well done you .

Jacob , this isn’t a continuity test . yes i did see Dom on monday ( when I went to buy your clothes ) ,from the top of the 65 bus.Today , when once again I found myself on the top of the 65 bus ( when I was returning your clothes ) I remembered my starspot on Monday . So you are right , I did whats known in the trade as a ‘literary combo’…..and i thiught you’d be more worried about Daisy !

2 Replies to “Where did the week go ?”

  1. nah daisys an orphan. She travels where the wind takes her. Just like your a south London gal through and through… sitting at the top of the 65 is nothing for a streetwise gal like you.

  2. Actually I’m quite worried about Daisy. Is she even thinner? Rosie would always say that “she’s in a funny old mood”. Rosie + Daisy-what a class act. xxx

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