Where were Michael, Tim and jacob when you needed them ?

With Jacob it’s like that famous song ”once, twice , three times a ”….plane missed ( but to be honest this time and the first time it wasn’t actually missed – just cancelled ). But hopefully ,at present ,he is wending his way down the biggest car park in the UK – The M1.

Thanks to John hanging out of Jacob’s loft window ,extending his broom and clearing the Sky satelite dish I have just watched the Strictly final ( if you read the blog this time last year , you’ll know that’s not easy for me ) – WOW, Kara and Artem were fab u lous, Then Declan is coming to lunch then we are off to the Candlelit Carol Service , where Johnnie is doing reading number 4. Then its the final of The Apprentice and if i can’t sleep , there is always ‘Sportsperson of the Year ‘

For me , the only way to get through this time of year is to keep Rosie in the corner of my eye and then keep very very busy. I have to feel she is with me .I want her so much.

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