Where will Grandma live next ?

I introduced my friend Jane to the delights of Brigstock Manor today. Only a year til it gets knocked down – hopefully Croydon Council will remember to take the residents out first. Grandma’s lunch venue of choice was Dulwich Picture Gallery Cafe, which masquerades as a rather arty upmarket restaurant. Bless her, she always asks for a Pimms as that was the last drink her and Rosie shared there ( don’t be silly ,not just 1 drink , a jug ), and this being England won’t serve it a day after Oct 1st , so she had a Becks instead – actually she wanted a shandy , but they didn’t serve that either. Then we sat in Dulwich Park , she sat there with the sun on her face and had a little snooze – Grandma, not Jane- she had the misfortune of listening to me drone on …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. I think you could take Joan up to Ikea and let her live in one of their rooms.The loft style apartment was huge,no steps and lots of space for her wheelie walker. If you sprayed her white (very Swedish) she could become one of those living statues and people would throw money at her,not forcibly,more in awe and wonder.She could amble over to the restaurant for her breakfast (£1 I think,probably cheaper for OAP’s) and have loads of coffee refills (has she got a flask?). She could double up as the security guard at night because old people don’t need much sleep….not such a crazy idea,eh?

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