Which Claire made a comment ?

Ooh nothing passes you Alison. the usual happened to me en route to grandma,s- I needed to visit ‘the Ladies’ and so i stopped off at the cafe at Roehampton Gate , Richmond Park , and had all 3 coffee, walnut cake and the usual . An added bonus was listening to Jonathan Ross whilst ogling at all the cyclists in lycra – I think I’ll wear mine next week so I can blend in . ( plus , don’t they wee in theirs and nobody knows ? ).

John and I have just returned from our first stint at Ealing Soup Kitchen . I was front of house ( like Anthea) and John was in the back ( like Grant ) – no sign of Jean Christophe Ramsay Lawson Oliver Slater.The only tip I got was for the 2.30 at Doncaster

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