Whichever one it is , it’s hard to come back from it

Sometimes I think it’s just me , super-sensitive, super-stupid ,super-heightened and then someone puts how I feel into words and it helps me justify my feelings .
Am I making sense , I doubt it ?
on Saturday , in true ritualistic form , after reading ‘Blind Date ‘ , I turned to The Family Section and ‘Ask Annalisa Barbieri’ . This week’s question was ‘ Should I tell my sister her father might not be her father ?’ This question has absolutely nothing to do with me ,but Annalisa’s answer helped me a lot .
If you’ve got the mag , read it , if not I’ll quote
” When we pass on news, any news- we are usually just a conduit, so “I heard so and so has just got married” is usually pretty harmless. But if the information has an extra dimension that has the potential to hurt or wound that person ( or in my case take me to a place or time which is unimaginably painful) , the person delivering it becomes extricably linked to the news they passed on, and therefore part of the problem . So “I hear so and so has just got married” delivered to someone who has been jilted ,has the ability to hurt the person hearing it. ”
Let me explain . There are certain words that I find too painful to say ,let alone type , but in order for this to make a sense , I will type one of them – sepsis .
In the past year ,2 men we know have had sepsis and both been admitted to ITU . Thankfully ,both survived .
So when their condition is casually mentioned in conversation , it discombobulates me and not only am I shocked and sad and thrown off kilter , I also think to myself , has the person who has uttered those words either
1.forgotten what has happened
2.or are they so devoid of empathy ,that they don’t think it will effect me
3.or maybe worst of all , they think I’ve got over it .

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