Who Dun It ?

Like a lot of you, I’m back at the ranch , and on my lunch break – God it was hard to get up this morning good job John made the porridge.

Stu thrashed us at Cluedo last night , winning both games . In the 2nd game I’d only just sussed the weapon , when she made her accusation. Mind you , it has all changed. Out have gone those iconic beautiful shaped suspect pieces, Miss Scarlett, Prof Plum etc, and in have come stupid rectangles of plastic on the relevant coloured bases – so you can no longer pick the suspect up , round their neck with the spanner ,the rope or the lead piping.There are now 9 implements incl the dumbells and the poison and as for the rooms ,its gone crazy – the patio/observatory ( I think thats a mistake and someone left the CN off )/the theatre/ the spa etc etc . It all sounds like something out of ‘Hello’. And I haven’t even started on the new ‘Clock cards’, ‘Intrigue cards’ ‘Personality cards’. You know longer make accusations, but start a rumour .It took us half the night to read the new rules and even longer to get it right after Flo had hidden 4 of the cards under Susie’s Turkish Delight !

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