who is he ?

Lorna , you probably haven’t seen Bon Iver then ? He is nothing do to with The Lord/ Les Mis/ BGT etc. Its weird his name keeps popping up. Until Rosie and Izzy (?) went to see him I’d never heard of him , now i can’t stop hearing him. Not only did Rosie like him , but Marion chose 2 of his songs – ‘Flume’ and ‘Skinny Love’ for 2 of the last songs played for her . Then today I was driving the bus ( no I’m not moonlighting , but taking my Yr 7’s to Richmond Park ) , when ‘Roslin (?)’ came on the radio. A colleague 9 young and knows about this kind of stuff ) suggested I youtubed the acoustic version of ‘For Emma’. I did and I’m moved – it’s beautiful.

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