Who is missing ?

This Masters in ‘Fine Art ‘ is sounding more appealing . No preparation for a final piece…just do as one candidate did- stand up on a platform ,do a poo in a bottle , then spray it gold ( the bottle not the other ).

Q :So who is stranded in far off shores ? A :About 5 staff at my place, Hazel, my dentist’s husband. Another dentist in my practice ( I only know this as I overhead the receptionist cancelling all his appts ).

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  1. that’s me – stranded in far off shore – at home, downunder! Here I am stuck in NZ when i should be visiting up your way this week …. 5 days and waiting …. I would have thought it much more of an adventure to be stranded somewhere on my way; still, guess it’s better than being stuck at an airport in the middle of nowhere 🙂

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