Who needs Jamie Oliver when you’ve got JPD ?

Joe, I will treat you to the photo’s . pop round and I’ll give you some dosh , cos then I’ll have those photos for life…thanks ( you have to read Joe’s response to ‘a night at the movies’ to get all this.)

Woke up at 6.30 in the middle of a really weird dream….we ALL lived in Elers Road , J,R & F were small. Geoffrey had a bath and flooded the whole house , so i took the kids to Walpole Park and we couldn’t get in as there was a Labour Party rally.What does that mean ? I think I went to bed pining ** having missed my fix of Phil and Kirsty. Didn’t get in til 7.45, sat down to a gourmet feast a la Jacob- a warm halloumi, roasted tom and chickpea salad, and was all ready to cosy up in front of my skybox , when John announced there was some football on . …so instead I lay on the bed and sulked until Flo did a life drawing of me. Sadly for me, it closely resembled that one by Lucien Freud of the librarian ( ? ). which sold for millions, yet she only got £s for. Obviously , thats not sad for Flo and I must add I had my work clothes on . The evening was redeemed by Derren Brown – we love him.

** I go to bed pining for Rosie EVERY night. Phil , Kirsty , Derren , Jonathan , Dave Lamb, Brendan from Coach trip , Ross from friends , shaggy from scooby doo, etc etc are just all part of my distraction therapy

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