who needs Jamie Oliver when you’ve got JPD ?

Joe I’ll give you the money to get the photos printed ( to understand this , you have to read ‘a night at the movies’ ) – it means I get to keep those photos of Rosie for ever.Just pop in when you have a min- you can always bring us a GBK special !

Woke up this morning in the middle of a really weird dream . We lived in Elers Road, Geoffrey was having a bath and he flooded the house . J.R & F were little and so I took them to Walpole Park, but it was closed as there was a Labour Party rally on there – what does all that mean ?? Maybe Its cos I went to bed pining ** for P&K ?

I was all of a dither last night. Didn’t get in til 7.45 and after a gourmet meal of warm halloumi, roasted tom and chick pea salad , created by AF himself, I looked forward to bedding down for my weekly fix of Phil and Kirsty. Until John announced the footy was on . I just couldn’t settle to anything , so lay on the bed and sulked. Flo saw this as a golden opportunity to do a life drawing .The result was similar to that one Lucien Freud did on the Librarian (?), which sold for millions , yet she got peanuts for it, except i had my workclothes on. Good news for Flo , not so good for me . The night was redeemed by Derren Brown – we love him.

** Everynight I go to bed pining for Rosie and so I have to employ distraction therapy….Dave lamb, Jonathan. Ross from friends, Shaggy from Scooby Do,Brendan from Coach Trip , Amy Turtle etc etc

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