Who was this woman ?

Grandmamama was assessed today for yet another new home. I think she morphed into Barbara Streisand. she was all singing all dancing ( without leaving her chair or letting go of her rotator ), said she’d love a foot massage, but I know she LOATHES her feet being touched , and when asked if she’d taken any illegal drugs , she said yes , she’d had heroin once ! She suddenly sounded like a female version of The Grandad in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.

The big move takes place on Friday – she’s on 6weeks probation , so watch this space ………………..

2 Replies to “Who was this woman ?”

  1. I still think that you should let Joan move into IKEA. What I failed to mention last time is that there is a Macdonalds less than 2 mins away and a Tesco ‘pop-in’ cafe 1 min the other way.So,once she had got fed up of the Swedish breakfast or the rather tough skinned hot dogs,she could have a soft wet yellow bun with salty chips or a cup of brown fluid and a tasteless scone. So many choices…mind you IKEA does have that childrens playroom…..

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