Who’d have guessed ? The Class of 2001

A dear friend of mine works at Elthorne Park High School ,where Rosie went to school ( and The SOC were formed ) .

Today she sent me a WhatsApp with the simple message ‘found this in the staffroom ‘… it was Rosie’s yearbook ‘Class of 2001’ …

She the sent me some pictures of the book .

I saw Mr Mc Dougal’s face smiling out …and Holly’s and Manpreet and Ali Melissa and Mustafa …..and of course Rosie’s . Quite a moment . Funnily enough we have the year book upstairs but I’ve never been able to look at it .

Then the funny bit and probably now something that wouldn’t happen , the answers to the student’s questionnaire, I guess about the girls, there must have been another one for the boys –

Most likely to succedd -Laura Gordon

Most likely to be famous -Shauna Waugh

Most likely to rule the world -Amy Garcia Brooks

Best Female teacher – Ms Grimley

Most likely to be a model -JOURDAN DUNN

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