Why ?

I’m finding it hard to settle to anything at the moment , as this weekend, a year ago, was the last we had with Rosie. The Christmas Tree was up, John was paving the front garden , Jacob went up to Manchester ( ? ) for a gig and Flo and I were pottering …in and out of the front room , to be with Rosie, who was lying on the settee as she had the flu. Izzy,Stu and Holly had been to see her the night before and Georgie on Thurs night – when Rosie even considered going to Alex Jukes Curry night. It all seems a whisker away, where has this year gone ? I yearn for ‘normal’ days, such as those,with Rosie in the house .Tonight is the final of ‘Strictly’ – the last programme i watched with Rosie. She is right behind me willing Ricky on.

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