Why do I always chose the ones that are 8.6%?

Between Dam and a wedding in Pamplona and a pottery session in France , we have a little break , and before I try to squeeze 10 days worth of clothes into a Ryanair size cabin-bag ,I’d like to thank Johnnie and Jacob and Florence and Simon and Jacobs’ friends for a wonderful time in Dam .

We walked round Marken , swam in the sea , swam in the canal , picnicked , ate Ethiopian food , drank the best beer ever , played Dobble and a new type of Scrabble , walked , cycled ( John nearly ended up in the canal – the whole lack of brakes thing , threw him – literally ) , went to Radio Kootwijk, climbed the dunes , made movies ( I’ve discovered the slow-mo function on my phone – everything looks amazing !) watched a screening at Gallery W139, ate kibbeling , some people went clubbing- no guesses for who didn’t !

So lovely and I felt so safe and Rosie was with us every turn of the wheel and raise of the glass .

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