Will you stay up all night to watch the results ?

The hi-light of this polical tension happens tonight . No , not the result , but election special ‘come dine with me’ – You’d think Godon, Dave and Nick wouldn’t have time to cook. Thank God for Channel 4.

One of my happiest election days was May 1st 1997 ( and not just because of the result ). Oaklands primary school was closed , just like it was on the previous training day , when we all turned up , uniformed and with packed lunches ( but thats a different story ).so Sarah and I took Michael, Georgie ,Nat, Jacob ,Rosie and Florence down to West Wittering for the day . It was glorious, sunny , happy – we swam in the sea,had virtually the whole beach to ourselves, picnic’d and then back home for a cold beer or 2. I’m so glad we all did wonderful stuff like that .

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