Winter drawers on ……..

We are going away for the weekend …albeit back for Soupy Sunday .

You know those themed 70’s weekends held in Minehead Butlins Holiday Camp – where there is plenty of eating ,drinking , dancing , swimming , dressing up etc etc …with people who like the same sort of thing .

Well this is sort of similar , except there is no Butlins and no live music BUT there is Emerald and Vilma and thermal underwear and Scrabble and walking boots and a de-iced portipotti , plenty of pubs … and anyway what is wrong with camping near the edge of a cliff in Eype ,Dorset , on 2016’s coldest weekend since February 11th ?

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  1. We went away in the van one October half term. One night was enough and back home by lunch time the next day. But don’t let that put you off. Take two duvets at least. Have fun!

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