Wish I was back in Glasgow

It was impossible to keep the tears in ,with the ‘F word ‘ keep being mentioned !

By that I mean ‘Fire’.

Everyone who made a speech- The Profs, Muriel Gray ,who is Chair of The Board of Governors ,The Director ,The Principal ,The President of the Students Association, all mentioned it .It wasn’t maudlin ,but positive and spirited and what came across was the immense pride and love of Glasgow School of Art, especially the battered Mackintosh Building ,which had taken such a hammering just a month before .Plus the overwhelming love and the hope and the pride in ALL the students .It was a joy to be part of it

So the tears flowed all around .

Friday was an amazing day-truly memorable . We met for coffee and cake ,Florence picked up the gown ( they had plenty spare- i got the feeling art students are notorious for not ordering one in advance ) and then John and I took our seats in Bute Hall ,in the magnificent University of Glasgow which was designed by Sir Gilbert Scott -a fact picked up on our open-topped bus tour .The building is like a cross between The Natural History Museum and Hogwarts – all cloisters and courtyards and pillars grand staircases .Then there were the speeches and the awards and my little girl went up .It was wonderful .We were so so proud .Then it was out into the beautiful grassed quadrangle for Bucks Fizz ,strawberry tarts and photos. There was even a bagpiper piping- more tears .

Then it got even grander .Jacob chugged in on the train ,Simon walked across the park and the 5 of us had pre-drinks in …..Emerald .Who needs swanky when you’ve got plastic cups, Cava and a bag of Kettle Crisps ? Then it was out for scallops,crab,,squid,haddock and chips .

On Saturday ,Emerald did us proud .Her boot opened for the first time in 3 days and she lasted the 413 miles home .

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