Wish us luck

Oh Stu – it all sounds like you were hobnobbing with the rich and famous . Did you tell Fatboy about his neighbours being your Gran and Grandad ? Did you tell Stevie it was one of your Birthdays and he sang a little song for you .? Did Stevie’s car get a click ? What were the toilets like ? How did’ the early morning run round the site 10k training go’ ? So many questions which festival next ?

Jacob and I are taking The Big G to see another old folks Home in Streatham , this afternoon. Then tonight we pick up our (BASIC) campervan. Perhaps we could kill 2 birds with one sone , and Grandma could live in that .

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  1. I hope Joan will like Streatham – it must cut your journey time in half. D and D still battling on, Dorothy moaning all the time, but still refusing any care whatsoever. Can never speak to Dad as his hearing aids never in place or working. Good luck this pm xx

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