With extra caponata

I never really told you what happened to Nanny and Grandma.Well,they both came out of their respective hospitals around 4 weeks ago.John’s Mum,Nanny went back to her house and Grandma back to Uplands. Nanny is doing great guns, going up and down the stairs unaided and has amazing support from her children. Grandma has had the long -suffering physio Keith seeing her most days and trying to get her to stand up and then weight bear. After 4 weeks he doesn’t think her mobility is going to improve so he suggests she transfers from bed to chair on rollerblades .

Just re-read his notes , he said ‘rollerstand’ ( It looks a bit like that thing they move the bricks on in B&Q )

Dining out a la Richmond Carluccios tonight , always have the same thing that mixed starter thing ( not even put off by my friend chucking up the whole lot on the stairs in the Ealing Broadway one ) and spinach ravioli.

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