With my lack of adjectives know you know why I’m not a film critic.

While Jacob and Florence absorb themselves in Amersterdam/The Mystery jets , John was the meat in Kay and my sandwich as we watched ‘Africa Utd’. a lovely film. Alas ,on Wednesday night there was no meat in my and Jane’s sandwich when we saw the play ‘Ladies’ day’- a lovely play.

I’m breaking the ‘I don’t talk about work’ rule. Yesterday my post 16 students did a fabulous piece of artwork, in which we used about half the years supply of PVA .As it was a glorious day ,I put it outside to dry. This morning when I awoke to the wind and the rain , remembered it ….I phoned school – it’s no-where to be seen . ( well at least it’s not stuck to the windscreen of the mini bus )

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