Woops , just a slight Freudian slip

I was reading an article about Mitch Winehouse .He was talking about Amy’s posthumous album ‘Lioness’ and how it was number one. The journalist ,Mark Prigg reported that nearly six months after Amy’s death ,Mitch still could nit bear to watch videos of her . What planet is Mark Prick on ? Of course he can’t ..it’s heartbreaking ,it’s wrong.it’s sad, she’s alive in the videos .Other people just don’t get that and how hard it is for us to see photos, hear her voice, see her handwriting , watch her move etc. I haven’t watched Rosie’s video ,since it was played at her funeral three years ,three weeks and one day ago. I hope one day I will be able to watch it ..maybe ,without such a heavy heart.

Off to see La Soiree tonight …it’s only the 4th time- can’t get enough of men dislocating their shoulders to get them through tennis rackets – perhaps that what Andy Murray should have ended with yesterday .

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