Worcs or soy ?

So sorry Georgie….it was full on all day yesterday . After the usual trip to Sains ( that has even changed , I used to wander up and down , now i run the gaunnlet, avoiding bumping into anyone that knows me and I haven’t spoken to since Rosie died- it is ‘too big’ just to skim in a couple of mins . I wanted Worcs. sauce and Sharon , from playgroup and her husband were standing , talking and choosing , in that aisle for ages and so I didnt get any ! ). Then flo and i shot off to the art shop in Brentford . We have 4 bottles of fixable fabric paint, so if anyone wants to paint their name on their Rosie Running Tshirt , give me a shout.

Then we went to The Social event of the year – The Brigstock BBQ ! We sat in the garden , listening to reggae music and had fab international food – our faves were Singaphore Noodles , jerk Chicken and homemade apple pie and cream – all low cal – not ! The creepy local Tory MP candidate came and sat with us , and introduced himself and said to Florence ”now you’ve got someone good-looking to talk to” ! He then introduced himself to Grandma ”Hi I’m Jason Haddon” , to which she replied ”haddock , that’s a funny name”. Mind you he did go up in her estimation when he told her he is the Mon night lawyer on the Petrie Smiley Show on LBC – Grandma loves listening to LBC ( except for the sexual problems phone in on Fri night when she switches to radio 2 ). Del came too , she has resumed her sainthood , having taken Ma back to see Anthony after her eye op. he told her he was so exhausted after the whole proceedure , he had to go and have a lie down …..little did he know of how tired he would have been , if i hadn’t got out in time and he’d had to pick me up of off of the floor !

We whizzed home , past Venus and Serena , to see 2 beautiful pieces of artwork from the 21st Bday boy himself, Michael.Then we whizzed off again to dine at The Days alfresco….phew.

( after reading this ,the question on everyones lips must be – why would a couple want to shop in Sainsburies together and spend hours in the sauce aisle decididing on which one to buy – very odd )

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  1. hi rachel,

    just wondering if i could possibly request a t-shirt too please?

    the only reason i’m not running is because i’m out of the country, but will be there with all the runners in spirit (just slightly less sweaty).


  2. Wow you are forgiven-a very busy day! Gutted i couldnt make the Brigstock BBQ, it sounds like the place to be.
    Did Flo get anything nice at the carboot sale today? Nat got a v nice jacket.
    To reply to Helenka’s comment, if anyone who isnt running wants a t shirt anyway then contact me (georgie8@live.co.uk) rather than going through Rachel, i should be able to get them for you.
    Hope all you Dwyers are doing OK-sundays can be hard. Thinking of you xxx

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