WYP revisited

My little Evening Standard Fairy , Julia , plopped one through my door today ( and an Evening standard ) – thank -you. Since the 21st Dec 08 my brain is well and truly coddled, I find it to hard to think straight and little things like reading the paper ( starting with the reviews/TV/travel/recipes working my way down to the news and ignoring the sport, business or anything remotely ‘high brow’.) and watching the only 3 series of Coach Trip ever made are purely mind numbing distraction.

At work today , I had a young student nurse on placement , in with me .I asked her age, she replied 19 , I burst into tears …I think she spent the rest of the lesson thinking ‘is this woman in the right job’ as i went into overdrive , a female all singing ,all dancing Jackson Pollock .

Jacob, I’m worried – have you ever weighed your poo ?

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  1. Rachel – weighing poo is completely normal, I weigh mine once a week to check my quinoa is passing along nicely. Obviously mine weighs less than yours.

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