You are always on my mind

Even my therapist blew me out. She cancelled and so I thought i’d go to M&S. I never liked shopping at the best of times , and since Rosie died I have avoided them like the plague. Well i think i spent more time in the carpark, than i did in the shop. Went on to meet a friend , having bought nothing , not even a sandwich ! It was lovely to speak to Jayne, her beautiful 21yr old daughter Emma, died 4 yrs ago of the same bloody infection that killed Rosie.To talk to someone who understands how I feel , is reassuring/comforting and helps me not to feel so lonely.

Then last night I had dinner with 4 hunky males and then , siitting soft , was serenaded by Barry Manilow, Sting, Paul McCartney, someone from the 1930’s ( twice) and of course, Billy Joel – and no, I wasn’t the Christy Brinkley substitute…he played ‘piano man’ a far superior song. Oh and by request….Elvis ( Jacob where did you put that wig ???)

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  1. funny you should mention elvis… last night me and susie went to some bars in Kadikoy and met a guy called mehmet. He’s a massive elvis fan and we’re having a trial in his band next thursday. me on drums and susie singing and tambourine.The wig is on that sculpture in middle room- ya kooky gal.

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