You are My Sister by Antony Hegarty – what a song

As Meatloaf would say ‘one out of four ain’t bad ‘ ( or similar ). Last night I saw another brilliant performance by ‘The London Gay Men’s Chorus ‘ .They are so uplifting ,and I’m thinking of joining , but I only tick one of the boxes- the London one . So perhaps I could start the WYLWSURWSURCSANC- Wherever you live, whatever sexuality you are , whatever sex you are , can’t sing a note ,Chorus . …doesn’t exactly role of the tongue – no innuendos please ,it would just do what it says on the box.

They opened with ‘From a Distance’- those words and the way they sang it was so emotional, it got into my gash,my head ,my soul , but in a postive -sad way .They closed with ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ ,which is my all-time-international -fave-foot tapping-dancey-singalongy -to be played at my funeral-song . The atmosphere/audience was amazing ,so positive and infectiously uplifting and happy .Just what the Sunday Night Doctor, ordered

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  1. I saw Anthony and the Johnsons perform You are my sister. It is a beautiful song .Made me cry when they sang it .Now i will always think of Rosie when I play it

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