you can hear it on Friday morning

Up until now I could take or leave Kirsty Young .

But after listening to Warwick Davis’s ‘Desert Island Discs ‘ , I can take her .

A very caring , empathetic friend alerted me to last Sunday’s D.I.D. and I think it was so I would hear what Warwick said about the death of his sons ,George and Lloyd ,and his subsequent grief .He didn’t say anything you haven’t heard me or anyone else say before ..”You never get over it ,but it makes you a stronger person and informs who you are .It is all part of the building blocks of you being a human being ….”

But it was the bit about his size ,I found really interesting .

His wife Sam has achondraplasia; but Warwick has a much rarer condition ,spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SED) . Their 2 children both have SED.

As you also probably know, Jane too had achondroplasia, and in all 3 of my pregnancies I had genetic counselling .So it was when the subject turned to terminology ,I took a turn in my relationship with Kirsty . She said that although Warwick used the word , she could not bring herself to say ‘dwarf ‘ .Nor could Jane and nor can I – in fact I loathe it . Hats off to Warwick for telling people that the word midget is despicable, cruel and should never be used and it is fine to say ‘reduced height ‘ or ‘little people’ and in fact he is patron of this charity

Thank God for people like him , who are famous person in their own right ,and are making people aware that because someone is little ,they are not a figure of fun.

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