You can never have enough of The Pet Shop Boys, ‘Go West'(my class even did a dance to it for a school assembly )

Over the last couple of days I’ve done all the stuff I like doing best …walked. Had two dear friends and Dottie to dinner.Met a friend for breakfast . Been to a brilliant Gay pantomime ‘ Get Aladdin’ (Woke up this morning in a state of shock,thinking I had a weird disease ,until I realised I was still wearing my ‘glow-in-the-dark audience participation neckband ‘ from the night before ). Took Jacob and Florence up over The Thames, on the magnificent-but oh too short (in time ),cable-car. Went on the DLR ,sitting in the best seats ,right at the front -I never tire of looking down over London .Booked our tickets for the Shard Viewing Gallery .Shopped- well 5minutes in Muji ,testing their pens, until I had to get out .Lunched out in Kensington .Now getting ready to meet a friend at a local pub .

It’s good for me to keep busy – less time to think.

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