You can’t beat a big Dutch Souvlaki

The bike’s home ! I picked it up last night from St. Paul’s Church .Everyone made it except our lovely friend Darren from Soupy . On the second day ,his pedal caught on a bollard and he came off – resulting in a trip to hosp and a pin being put in his finger .I feel for him , it must be a huge disappointment not to finish the trip .

John however sounds happy ( if you can read ‘happy’ through texts ) .Jacob was there in Vondelpark to photograph them coming in .Then on Monday night they all( 40+) ate together and went to a couple of bars- the atmosphere must have been amazing .The last text I had from John was around 9 last night ”Done loads of stuff today .Just thinking about where to eat .The place we were thinking about is probably no longer suitable as we spent longer than expected in the brewery.It might be kebabs ”

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