You can’t miss us – it’s bright green

If I could have swopped places with Rosie 42months and 9days ago I would have . I’ve had 50years , she was due so much more . Last night I read an article by William Chubb. His wife, Cassandra Jardine died of cancer last month . Not long before she died ,he sent her an email saying amongst other things ,that it should have beem him ( with cancer ). he quotes the reply she emailed back.” Please don’t come out with these ‘it should have been me thoughts’ .Too Motown. And too fatalistic.There is no logic ,only biology”

Her last sentence is something I cling on to.Still doesn’t stop me asking the ‘why?’ question though.

John and I are off a little adventure today … in our new ( but very old ) camper van . We spent all yesterday cleaning it and re-chemical-filling our Portapotti 335 ( vital ) ,stood back ,admired our handywork ,and then tried to open the back door ,but couldn’t ,it had jammed stuff …so we’ll be doing a lot of climbing over stuff/each other/ in The Chilterns .

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