You might think about parking in the next road

When you’re at work ,worried about Nanny , worried about John worrying about Nanny ,plus trying to jump through an Ofsted inspectors hoop, the printers not working and you can’t find your kettle , what’s the last thing you need – a phone call from Uplands telling you that Grandma has had a fall and has gone to casualty.So last night , Florence and I shot over to Kings College Hospital where Grandma was waiting for a bed ,having been x rayed and found to have broken her knee. Once up on the ward ,Grandma got a bit confused and kept asking us why she was on the childrens’ ward. I could have forgiven her for asking if we were in The Sahara ,seeing us the woman in the chair opposite , was sitting with a stripy tea towel over her head and face !

The good news was Florence passed her driving test , with no near misses with any cyclists on The White Hart Roundabout.

So I’m just off to KC ( without his sunshine band ) Hosp , and after work Johns off to The QE hosp.

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