You should have had this yesterday

Anyway , here’s the sterile version of today….

and so to our penultimate cycling day all the way down to Kisumu at about 1.m on the Winam gulf on lake victoria.This is a quick road and a huge downhill through the beautiful forested slopes that descend to this busy port city which is full of life on the shores of lake victoria.we arrive at our accommodation and have a relaxing meal.

Meanwhile back at Uplands …..and it was Grandma’s special day.Once a month every residence gets ‘their’ day , and they can choose a treat .Grandma opted for a Chinese takeaway and a foot spa and massage ( funny that , in 52 years ,she’s never liked anyone touching her feet ). So , a table was laid for us, we were waited on by the lovely Francis and he brought any drink we wanted from The Bar ( read last Thursday ). Then Grandma had her feet seen to by the lovely Patricia , and a new inmate,Rose ,came into her room,sat and chatted to us .When Rose asked The G. why she was having the massage , she told her its cos ”she was woman of the week”!

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