You too could be wearing that yellow jersey

Is anyone free on Saturday 1st August ,has a spare pair of lycra shorts lurking at the back of your drawer ( you know you do ) and fancies cycling 100miles for Rosie’s Ace Africa Fund ?

If so Ace Africa has some free places on the Ride London cycle-ride

Sadly John cannot do it as his knees are bit dodgy at the moment ( he’s even had to give us his place on the Derbyshire Peaks and Yorkshire Dales 3 day event ) .

I’m just too weedy and my bum hurts after being on a bike for more than 7 minutes

Florence will be in China


I haven’t asked Jacob yet

So if there is anyone , or a few of you , or the whole of your office at work, who would like to do it , just get in touch ,The places are free ,all you have to do ( apart from cycle ) is to get some sponsors . ALL monies will go to Rosie’s Charity .

Think about it

3 Replies to “You too could be wearing that yellow jersey”

  1. Hi ma,
    I reckon I could be up for it. Just have to get time off work. I’m in yorkshire the weekend before filming Katie Simpsons wedding!

    Managed to get the dates off for copenhags, so will do the deed tomorrow with tickets on that front.

    hopefully dad’ll let me borrow his bike, cos doing it on the rickety ol’ sit up and beg might take a while.

    Love J

  2. Fantastic , we’ll be there to cheer you on .
    Let me know as I’ll get ACE to add you to the list .

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