You watch it -Tankerton , the new Cleethorpes

Did the most fabulous walk yesterday .From Herne bay , which is a bit of a dump , but just turn your eyes to the sea and avoid looking at the monstrosity of a pier ( although its not quite as bad as the one at Walton on The Naze which is orange ), keep the sea on your right and walk round the headland and onwards to Whitstable.Apart from being knocked down by mobility scooters it was safe and flat.The seascape was beautiful was ,especially Tankerton , with its ‘picture postcard,half the price of Southwold’ beach huts. We had a snooze, had a paddle and then sundowners at the old Neptune pub right on the beach.

Then its a weekend of culture- South Pacific tonight . Then tomorrow a coded message tells Fiona, Mandy and I where to meet in a secret London location for our undercover investigation , that is known as ‘Accomplice’.I’ll be wearing a red carnation …and maybe something else ( depends how hot it is ).

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