Your fave M&S sandwich ? Grandma has asked for cheese.

Any of you with your detective hat on , will be thinking , why is she writing this now , while she should be entertaining Grandma at Brigstock . Well today has gone tits up, and i have an emergency appt at hosp at 4pm. So Grandma has had to put her visit to the dinosaurs on hold and enjoy having her youngest Grandson to herself a la Jardin du Brigstock with an M&S lunch. The dinosaurs are at Crystal palace park and we used to go there loads when we were kids, so it was to be a trip down memory lane.( it was to be there or Pevensey Bay , but not warm enough for the seaside ). Yo u’ll be pleased to know this afternoons appt is nothing to do with my near heart faliure this morning , when I came down to the kitchen at 6.30, bleary eyed, to find a strange man sitting on a chair and eating spaggetti, in the middle of the room. No not AF’s new bessy mate , but one of his sculptures.

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