Yum yum

Today ,Jacob and I returned to the scene of the crime ..’.Jamie’s Italian’, this time clutching tokens worth £30 ,received after I politely wrote that 3 pretty girls at the desk ,did nothing to help the waiter with a restaurant full of hungry diners -and over an hour is too long to wait for an inferior bowl of ravioli. Lorna you’ll be glad to know that today we received 5* service and the food was fab ( esp the chicken salad – tasted more Thai than Italian , but who am I to know ? ), so it is back to Plan A and I will be taking you there for your birthday after all.

I’ve had a few complaints lately to say there aren’t enough medical matters discussed here. Well, one year on , and the same toenail I lost last year after walking the Kent cliffs , has suffered again post 10 K ,i.It has gone black and is about to drop off – for all of those about to have dinner – enjoy ,and watch out for any crunchy bits in your coleslaw !

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  1. Love the new pictures, esp the one of all five of you on the homepage. Dont think i’ve seen that one before, its lovely xx

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