Rosie Grace Dwyer

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  On the 15th to the 17th of December we held an art exhibition in

memory of Rosie titled "We Cluster and We Stick".  The exhibition

included Rosie's art work and work of her friends and family. It was

3 days of some very mixed emotions. We are so pleased to have held

      the exhibition for Rosie as we are so incredibly proud of her and it was

a good way for us to express our love. For everyone that was able to

attend (and there were hundreds) Thank You for making it such a

special occasion. It was very sad locking up the Triangle Space for

the last time. In a way it was like saying good bye to Rosie again.


It was great that Charles Saatchi attended the exhibition, particularly

as he rarely attends functions. He was genuinely very impressed with

the quality of all works and very moved by the way so many people had expressed and shared their feelings for Rosie. He particularly liked the Charity Shop piece by Florence (praise indeed) and he said the two

large portraits were a great idea and looked superb.


Thank you for reading,

Florence, Jacob, Rachel and John


To look at photographs of the art works displayed please click on

Pictures From The Exhibition.


To read the local newspaper article published about the event click on

The Ealing Gazette, 4th December, 2009.


To listen to Rachel's radio interview about the event click on 

The Local Radio Broadcast, 15th December, 2009.





Introduction to the exhibition by Florence Dwyer