Rosie Grace Dwyer

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Archived News From KENYA



Email From: Augustine Wasonga  (Executive Director, ACE Africa - Kenya)

To: John & Rachel Dwyer

Sent: Tue, 18 May 2010 6:40

Subject: Some pictures from South End

Dear Rachel, John and the rest of the family,

I am sorry to have been quiet, in part because I had handed over updates to another staff who have been sending things in the wrong address, and travels have also eaten into my time. I have decided that I will continue with the communication so that you can see the progress in shorter intervals as this will also keep friends knowing what their donations are achieving with the children at Southend Academy.

Brenda continues to work hard with the children. They had a break in April and opened again on 3 May. I was able to visit last week to view the progress but I did not have my camera with me, and Brenda had also been taken ill. Fortunately, it was Malaria that was detected early, and she was back at work on Thursday. I sent one of the staffs yesterday to take pictures of some of the work I saw, and also take some of the children while on session. I enclose these for you.


I am glad Andy will be here the 2nd part of the year and he will be able to see the tremendous work going on.

 Thank you so much and Best Wishes top you all



Email From: John & Rachel Dwyer 

To: Augustine Wasonga  (Executive Director, ACE Africa - Kenya)

Sent: Tue, 18 May 2010 16:28

Subject: Re: Some pictures from South End

Dear Augustine,

Thank you so much for keeping in touch and sending us those amazing photos. The children look so engaged and happy - their artwork is beautiful. Brenda must be a wonderful teacher. Please do pass on our love and thanks to her and hope she feels better after suffering with malaria.

Nothing can take away our pain of losing Rosie, but it helps us knowing that the money we have raised in Rosie's memory is helping some children , who might otherwise have not had a chance.

Hopefully, John and Jacob will be taking part in Ace's 'Cycle Kenya Challenge' , later this year, so  you'll meet up with them then when they visit The southend academy.,

In the meantime , take care, and please keep sending photographs.

sending love

Rachel,John,Jacob and Florence Dwyer


Email From: Augustine Wasonga  (Executive Director, ACE Africa - Kenya)

To: John & Rachel Dwyer

Sent: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 08:31

Subject: Touching Base

Dear Rachel and John,

I hope that things are well. I am in London and left a message earlier as to whether we could meet- last week. I will check your number again once I reach the office. We have a few meetings today from 3 pm to about ten, but tomorrow I am mostly in the office with the accountant and so our time can be much more flexible. I have attached the latest report for your information, in case we donít meet.


Andy will be coming out end of the month, and your children too, for the cycle challenge. Hope to see them then. You will continue to get reports, and the project has picked well. We will be applying to Arisaig again, and I hope they will help to build other rooms so that we can have a dedicated art room.

Many thanks